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Explore our FAQs to find answers about our organization, mission, volunteering, and how you can get involved. Get the information you need to join us in making a difference.

Founded by Prince Basil Emeka Omeje in 2020, the KNI Foundation is a non-profit organization with a global presence in the USA, UK, and Nigeria. Our unwavering commitment to education, healthcare, and community development drives our mission to empower underserved communities, paving the way for a brighter future
The tax deductibility of your donation to the KNI Foundation depends on the tax laws and regulations in your specific country or region. Generally, charitable organizations like the KNI Foundation are registered as tax-exempt entities, which means that donations made to them may be eligible for tax deductions in many countries.
If you have questions or encounter issues with your donation, please contact our donor services team via email or our online contact form. We're here to assist you. Thank you for supporting the KNI Foundation.
To make a donation to the KNI Foundation and support our mission, please visit our official website. There, you'll find various donation methods, including secure online donations, bank transfers, and check payments. After submitting your donation, consider retaining the receipt for your records. If you have questions or encounter issues, contact our donor services team. Thank you for your support in creating positive change.
To apply for a job at the KNI Foundation, visit our website's "Careers" or "Jobs" section, select a suitable position, and follow the provided application instructions. Prepare your application materials, including a resume and cover letter, and submit them through the designated portal. Stay attentive to your email for updates and potential interview invitations. Thank you for considering a career with us and for your commitment to positive change
Donating to the KNI Foundation is a meaningful way to make a positive impact for several reasons including Empowerment, positive change, personal fulfilment and global reach. By donating, you become part of a larger community of individuals dedicated to making the world a better place, contributing to a brighter future for all.
We are committed to providing tax receipts for eligible donations. Please provide accurate contact information when donating, and we will send your tax receipt accordingly. If you have questions or need assistance, contact our donor services. Thank you for supporting the KNI Foundation.
The KNI Foundation is dedicated to transparency and directing a substantial portion of your donation towards funding our programs and initiatives. This allocation enables us to create a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.
Certainly, we welcome international donations. To contribute from outside the United States, the United Kingdom, or Nigeria, please visit our website for donation instructions. Your support from abroad is greatly appreciated and contributes to our mission of positive change. Thank you for your generosity.
To volunteer at the KNI Foundation, visit our website's "Volunteer" section, select a suitable role, and contact us through the provided email or inquiry form. We'll guide you through the application process, including any necessary interviews or orientation. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our mission of positive change.
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